Defend Nature through Recycling: Everything You Need to Know

  • How to Make a Bit of Spare Cash from Your Old Mattress

    19 August 2016

    While you're not quite sleeping on a fortune, did you know it's possible to make some spare cash from your old mattress? Most components of a mattress can be recycled, and with a bit of effort you can separate these components yourself. So how exactly can you make money from this? Taking the Mattress Apart First of all, you need to take your mattress apart. This can be messy, so it's best to do it in your garage.

  • Three Ways to Get Rid of a Junk Car

    22 February 2016

    If you have a car that no longer works, you might be thinking of ways to get rid of it. If it isn't operating, you might not be able to sell it for what its worth, but that doesn't mean there aren't options for getting rid of it. Here are some different ways to get rid of a junk car.  Recycle the Car Your first option for getting rid of a car that no longer runs is to recycle it.

  • How to Earn the Highest Profits with Scrap Metal Recycling

    15 October 2015

    Many resources are depleted naturally over time, which makes the need for recycling more apparent. Reusing items can be the cost effective solution for many businesses looking to save money. This has led to the popularity of recycling and resulted in metal recycling actually becoming a big business. There is a lot of money that can be made by focusing on recycling different types of metal. In order to make the most profits through metal recycling, it is important to understand what methods work best.

  • 4 Ways to Benefit from Having a Scrap Metal Recycling Business

    30 March 2015

    You may have thought about starting your own scrap metal recycling business. These business can be very profitable if you have the right resources to obtain the scrap, pay for that scrap, and sell the scrap you collect. If you aren't up for the challenge of this type of business, you may be interested in finding out there are other ways to make money from scrap metal recycling. Here are four out-of-the-box ways you can benefit financially from scrap metal recycling.

  • Make Money Collecting Scrap Metal

    26 March 2015

    Are you looking for ways to earn extra money? There are all kinds of money-making opportunities out there, and you don't even have to spend a lot of money to get started with many of them. Take the scrap metal business for instance. This is something that you can easily do in your spare time, and there is pretty good money to be made. In fact, many people turn their part-time scrap metal collecting businesses into full-time jobs, and they are able to enjoy the benefits of having their own businesses and setting their own hours.