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4 Ways to Benefit from Having a Scrap Metal Recycling Business

by Arnold Bowman

You may have thought about starting your own scrap metal recycling business. These business can be very profitable if you have the right resources to obtain the scrap, pay for that scrap, and sell the scrap you collect. If you aren't up for the challenge of this type of business, you may be interested in finding out there are other ways to make money from scrap metal recycling. Here are four out-of-the-box ways you can benefit financially from scrap metal recycling.

Create Outdoor Furniture to Sell

You can collect scrap metal from people giving it away or wanting to recycle it and turn it into outdoor furniture. With the right tools, skills, and a few project sheets you can create lawn furniture, sandboxes for children, patio covers, and other types of outdoor furniture options. These can be resold through your own site or through local classified ads and craftsman or artisan shows.

Create Indoor Storage Options

There are several indoor storage projects that use recycled scrap metal. For example, you can use scrap metal gutters and half round gutters to create wall storage for books, toys, and even movies. You can also use the same method to create handing herb gardens, towel racks, and any number of other storage pieces. The concepts and projects are endless and offer a unique industrial look for people seeking that type of décor option.

Work as a Location Specialist

Sometimes you may find a scrap metal buyer who doesn't have the time to locate the metal themselves or will pay for someone to locate bigger finds for them. This can be a lucrative way to work within the scrap metal industry without having to deal with the actual metal itself. This is ideal if you have a brokerage background and can arrange purchases and pick-ups easily.

Work as a Collection Specialist

A collection specialist works as a middle man between the location specialist and the scrap metal recycling plant or buyer. In this aspect you would receive a cut of the money for going out to the scrap metal location and transporting the metal to the recycler. This can be lucrative if you combine it with the location broker option or if you are willing to take on larger hauls of scrap metal for a buyer.

These are just a few ways that you can benefit from scrap metal recycling. If you are ready to move forward, consider your options and then start making your connections with the buyers and sellers in the industry.