Defend Nature through Recycling: Everything You Need to Know

  • Moving House Or Offices? You Might Be About To Throw Out Some Valuable Materials

    28 October 2021

    Whether you are moving to another suburb, city or state, a lot of Australians use this relocation period as a way to change out their old furniture and appliances to get more modern ones installed. After all, a fresh apartment or business deserves fresh dressings, right? Well, if that is the route you are taking, then you probably aren't spending a lot of time thinking about your old equipment and what you will do with it, which is a shame because there is still value there.

  • How Scrap Metal Recycling Helps To Save The Environment

    8 June 2021

    Scrap metal recycling is a smart way to give end-of-life metal products a new lease of life. It involves the collection, sorting and processing of unwanted metal products so they can be converted into raw material to be used in the manufacture of new products. The availability of recycled metal helps metal manufacturers to save money on the purchase of material supplies while helping to save the environment. Continue reading to learn about the various ways metal recycling is beneficial to the environment.

  • Why Is Copper So Recyclable?

    7 January 2021

    There are many types of metal that are easy to recycle. Aluminium is a good example because it is abundant and can be melted down and fashioned into new products without much effort. Steel takes more energy to recycle but because it has so many applications, this is another metal that is widely used in recycled forms. Another key metal for the recycling industry is copper which is why you will see cash for wires being paid so widely.