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Moving House Or Offices? You Might Be About To Throw Out Some Valuable Materials

by Arnold Bowman

Whether you are moving to another suburb, city or state, a lot of Australians use this relocation period as a way to change out their old furniture and appliances to get more modern ones installed. After all, a fresh apartment or business deserves fresh dressings, right? Well, if that is the route you are taking, then you probably aren't spending a lot of time thinking about your old equipment and what you will do with it, which is a shame because there is still value there. Before you throw out anything, you should consider whether there is any scrap metal value to your former white goods and electrical devices.

Kitchen Goods

The kitchen has a lot of fixings that are made out of metal and can be recycled. You might even have a metal benchtop that could be worth quite a bit of money, but even without that added on, most people will have metal sinks and taps, and then perhaps bigger items such as your dishwasher, fridge, microwave and even the stove. These all contain quite a lot of metal that can be scrapped and fetch you a decent sum, and many scrap metal places will happily take these fixtures from your home so you don't have to drive them out anywhere.


The bedroom might not seem like it has a lot of valuable scrap metal, but that varies from house to house. Metal bed frames are quite popular among many younger Australians, and those who have vintage bedrooms may have metal frames from when they were first in vogue! If you have your laundry around your bedroom, then your dryer and washing machine can both be scrapped for metal too, but in many cases your television can't be, as there is not much metal in it. 


If you are moving office, then you have a whole bunch of materials that should be recycled, including:

  • Filing cabinets that are made of mostly metal
  • Computers that are not being brought along during the transition (make sure to destroy any hard drives before giving them up though)
  • Lights, metal chairs, stationery supplies and any and all metal accessories, like trays for mail, printers, etc.
  • All kitchen equipment that you may have in the break room that was also listed above in the kitchen section.

As long as it is made out of metal components, most scrap metal contractors will be happy to take it away and pay scrap pricing, so perhaps organise a viewing for them to help itemise what you can get rid of.