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What Can Scrapped Wires Be Used For?

by Arnold Bowman

Wires that are made of precious metals, such as gold, can be recycled in numerous ways including melting them down for jewellery and other high-end components. Nevertheless, the majority of wires that are in use around the world are not made from gold but much less expensive copper. This means that some people unjustly think that cash for scrap wires will be of minimal value. In fact, the very reverse is true because cash for wires made of copper can be considerable. This is because copper is one of the most widely recycled metals of all. Like cash for aluminium, copper can be reused in all sorts of ways with very little reprocessing costs. Typically, copper wires just need to be stripped to reveal the metallic strands beneath the plastic sheath for them to be put to a new purpose.

If you are seeking cash for wires and wonder what might the copper in them be used for, then read on.

New Wires

One of the commonest uses for copper that has been sold for cash from wires is new wiring. When domestic wiring installations are ripped out, it is often because the connections and insulation have deteriorated. The copper within the wires can still be in good condition. This means cash for wires usually goes back into new wiring products that can be used in business premises and residential settings alike. In addition, appliances with internal wires will often have reprocessed copper within their designs.

Electrical Motors

Wound copper is one of the most common metals that is used to create the electromagnetic fields required for electric motors. Copper is a superb conductor of electricity which is one of the reasons cash for wires is paid out by recycling centres. It can be wrapped into loops quite easily, meaning that it is suited to electric motors of all sizes, from those in children's toys to those needed to power electric vehicles.

Kitchen Utensils

Because copper has a number of antimicrobial properties, it is useful in the kitchen where hygiene needs to be maintained. This means that some professional kitchens, for example, will have work surfaces and splashbacks made entirely from metal. It can also be repurposed from wires into pots and pans, ideal for keeping germs at bay while also heating up evenly when it is placed on the hob, something that means copper is a good choice from a cook's perspective, too. 

For more information about cash for scrap wires, contact a local company.